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On October 16, 2023

Every child deserves the opportunity to have a suitable place to learn and become a great citizen. Over the past few months, we have conducted inspections at various schools in the Caucasia region and discovered a compelling reality: many of these institutions have not received the necessary maintenance to create a safe and pleasant environment for the children in the region.

Today, we have a new goal: the restructuring and improvement of three local schools and our foundation’s facilities. Our foundation, due to the high daily traffic of children and adolescents, also requires maintenance to continue fulfilling our mission of supporting and positively impacting the community.

Let’s share more about these new projects today!

Why did we conduct inspections?

According to experts, learning spaces play a crucial role in the quality of education, as they can either support or hinder children’s development. For this reason, we are concerned about the condition of educational institutions in the region.

After receiving feedback from the community, we embarked on visits to three schools in the region: La Misericordia School, San Teresita Loma Fresca Campus, and San Teresita Downtown Campus. Our objectives were:

  • Identify deficiencies and areas in urgent need of improvement.
  • Design a reform plan to create a more conducive environment for learning and athletic development for the students.

Furthermore, considering that the spaces of our foundation should serve as a place where children feel safe and can supplement the education they receive in their schools, it is essential that the facilities where they eat, learn, and play daily are in a condition that enables them to acquire all the tools provided by our supporters.

Getting to know our new projects

Following the inspections, we have designed a plan that includes refurbishing deteriorated areas with fresh paint, improving the bathrooms, restoring the sports courts, and replacing or maintaining some air conditioning units.

The proposed improvements will not only change the aesthetics of the facilities but also provide a safer, healthier, and more conducive environment for learning and sports activities for every child in our community.

Do you want to learn more about these projects? Here’s more information:

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The time is now! Every bit of support, every word, and every donation counts to achieve this beautiful mission.

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