Our foundation facilities

We want to improve our foundation’s facilities!

The paint in the classrooms and outdoor areas is worn out, and the playground needs replacement due to the wear and tear of metal pipes.

Additionally, the purchase of air conditioners is necessary because the high temperatures in Caucasia make it difficult for some children to focus on the workshops and educational programs provided in our facilities.

The chairs and tables for the classrooms have worn out due to their heavy use and also need renovation.

We want to give the children who attend our foundation the opportunity to feel in a friendly, comfortable environment that offers them the necessary protection to develop as individuals who can positively impact the community in the future, and all these changes are part of this purpose.


Action plan for institution improvements:

  • We want to repaint the classrooms and facades with the vibrant colors of the foundation, creating a full and friendly environment for the children.
  • We want to replace the playground with a much more comprehensive one that guarantees the safety of our children.
  • We will also purchase air conditioners and chairs for classrooms, providing a general improvement to the foundation.

I want to donate
and change the life of children in Colombia