August and September birthdays at the foundation!

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On October 05, 2023

Celebrating special occasions and dates is a very important incentive for the development and growth of every human being. Sharing these important dates of the August and September birthdays with all our children at the foundation positively influences each of them; all that is needed is the affection and presence of the members of their closest circle.

When we take the initiative to celebrate their birthdays, they benefit in the following ways:

  1. Their self-esteem is reinforced.
  2. They feel loved.
  3. They strengthen bonds with their friends and loved ones.
  4. They develop their social skills.

August and September birthdays

Every month, we will have this space where we bring joy to the birthday celebrants. These celebrations help our children become more sociable, allowing them to interact with large groups, and this type of interaction will help each of them develop skills that will benefit them in the future to live better in society.

For children, their birthday is the most exciting day of the year, definitely more important than any other holiday. They count months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes until this special day arrives. On this special occasion, we celebrated the birthdays of those born in August and September:

  • Martha
  • Estefani Castrillon
  • Santiago Casarrubia
  • Isabel Lambraño
  • Yeison Viloria
  • Salome Ortiz
  • Maria Mato
  • Matias Hernandez
  • Blanca Severiche
  • Oscar Lobo
  • Betsi Diaz
  • Jose Alzate
  • Claudia Vergara
  • Dania Severich
  • Janneth Rada
  • Luis Montalvo
  • Hernan Ramos
  • Antonella Barmentos
  • Valeria Atencia
  • Deimer Alean
  • Danna Rios
  • Alan Marulanda
  • Dilan Olivero

Every child deserves a life filled with joy and well-being; living is a privilege that we have to enjoy every day, so let’s not miss the opportunity to celebrate it. Do you want to be part of this wonderful endeavor and support our children?

You can be the change that the children of Colombia so rightfully deserve. We want to continue harvesting these moments filled with joy with each of them; it’s time to contribute. Click here to make a difference.



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