Change the life of children 
in Colombia 

Children are the future of humanity! 

In Caucasia, Colombia, hundreds of displaced or impoverished children are growing up without access to basic rights such as food, education, housing, and the opportunity to live in a healthy environment.

We want to change their future by creating opportunities for them and their families. You can be a part of this!

I want to donate
and change the life of children in Colombia

Our Causes  


We have facilities and specialized equipment to provide daily meals to more than 100 children in the community.


We rebuild deteriorated homes whose conditions affect the development of children and adolescents in the region, giving them a chance to grow in a healthy and safe environment.


We work to establish a culture of opportunities, growth, and prosperity for the children of Caucasia, through programs that promote habits oriented towards their social and intellectual growth.

Inspiring stories  

🎥  María and her disabled daughter now have a home.

🎥   Melissa and her family lived in a house with a plastic roof.

How was our 
 Foundation born?  

In 2017, Martín Tuirán traveled to his homeland Caucasia-Colombia and faced a reality in which many of the spaces that were supposed to be built for children and family’s growth, were in a precarious state and without any changes since his departure to new lands.

This led him to found a project whose goal is to create opportunities for Colombian children who have been displaced or live in a state of poverty.


Advancements at Santa Teresita School Central Campus

Advancements at Santa Teresita School Central Campus

We are very excited! In our tireless quest to provide optimal educational environments for more children, we have made significant progress in the restoration project of Santa Teresita School Central Campus. Today, we want to tell you about some of the changes that,...

Introducing Our New Projects!

Introducing Our New Projects!

Every child deserves the opportunity to have a suitable place to learn and become a great citizen. Over the past few months, we have conducted inspections at various schools in the Caucasia region and discovered a compelling reality: many of these institutions have...

August and September birthdays at the foundation!

August and September birthdays at the foundation!

Celebrating special occasions and dates is a very important incentive for the development and growth of every human being. Sharing these important dates of the August and September birthdays with all our children at the foundation positively influences each of them;...

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