This holiday season not only brought bright lights and festivities but also the opportunity to share love and joy, especially with the little ones in Caucasia. The tradition of gifting children at Christmas is not just a kind gesture but also plays a crucial role in their emotional, social, and psychological development.

This Christmas in 2023, we had the chance to brighten the lives of approximately 300 children by delivering toys to each child in our foundation.

Here are some of the smiles you helped bring about!


Gifting presents to children at Christmas goes beyond fulfilling a tradition. It is an opportunity to sow seeds of happiness, foster essential values, and strengthen family bonds. By doing so, we contribute to the holistic development of children, creating a positive impact that will last throughout their lives.

Generosity in this festive season not only fills the present with joy but also plants hope and love for the future.

We will continue to carry out such activities to encourage each child in Caucasia, and we hope to have your support. Click here to contribute.