misericordia school

We want to improve the Misericordia School!

When diagnosing Misericordia School, we found worn-out classrooms and facades, which have visible stains and cracks that affect the overall appearance of the school.

The bathrooms show signs of deterioration and lack of maintenance, making it challenging for the children who attend the school to use them.

Similarly, the sports courts have worn-out areas that require shade cloth (tela poli sombra). Additionally, the library needs improvement in its facilities because they are deteriorated and exposed to heat, which has a negative impact on the preservation of the available educational materials.


How are we going to improve the school’s facilities?

  • We will repaint the classrooms and facades with the institution’s colors.
  • We will renovate the bathrooms with new fixtures and proper maintenance.
  • We will restore the sports courts, install shade cloth, and mark the game lines.
  • We will renovate and adapt the school library with PVC false ceilings and air conditioning.

I want to donate
and change the life of children in Colombia