We are creating moments of happiness with our Bakery in Caucasia

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On September 08, 2023

Amidst history and cultural diversity, Caucasia has witnessed times of splendor where history intertwines with culture and the effort that has been witnessed over time to revitalize and resurge the city. With this motivation, since the beginning of 2023, we opened the doors to our new project: a bakery that serves as a center of work, nourishment, and happiness for the community.

Our residents not only find employment and training in our bakery but also experience a sense of purpose and pride in being part of its resurgence.

With a production of 180 loaves of bread per day, 2 workers, and daily serving as a space for 30 people to find food, this project has not only breathed new life into the city but has also demonstrated how simple, shared moments can be the foundation of meaningful change.

A true memory includes a moment around a table with freshly baked bread.

In every bite of bread and in every shared smile, the narrative of an ongoing renaissance and a future full of possibilities is woven. We are making more than just bread; we are harvesting moments of happiness.

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