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On March 31, 2024

La Misericordia School is in the midst of an exciting renovation, driven by the vision and commitment of the Foundation for Educational Development. These improvements have been designed to create optimal educational environments that inspire students to reach new heights of learning and development.

One of the main areas of improvement has been the aesthetic transformation of the facilities. The school’s classrooms and facades are being repainted, with the vibrant and welcoming colors of the institution. This renovation not only beautifies the physical environment of the school but also strengthens the sense of belonging and pride among students and staff.

In addition to the aesthetic renovation, practical improvements are underway in the facilities. Bathrooms are being renovated with new fixtures and proper maintenance, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all facility users. Likewise, sports fields are being restored and enhanced, with the installation of shade cloth and the marking of play lines, providing an ideal space for physical activity and sports.

One of the most exciting transformations at La Misericordia School is the renovation and adaptation of the library. With the installation of a PVC false ceiling and air conditioning, the library is being transformed into a modern and comfortable space that invites exploration and discovery. These improvements promote a love for reading and learning, providing students with a quiet and pleasant place to study and work on school projects.



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