Maria’s family consists of 4 children and her husband. They did nott have a proper home for a long time.

This situation, added to their economic problems, transformed the family’s environment into a space in which their children could not have a positive physical and mental growth.

One of her youngest daughters is disabled, as she suffers from schizophrenia and an intellectual disability, and these living conditions made it impossible for Maria to provide the necessary care for her condition.

Your Answered Prayer, upon learning of their story, raised the necessary funds to build a house for her and her children, which would improve their living situation, allowing them to live in a space with dignified conditions.

Melissa, her children, and grandchildren, lived in a house built with a roof made out of plastic, paper and zinc, without a bathroom in which they could go to the toilet or a kitchen.

In addition to this, their house had a structure that represented a great risk to the family members health, since, in times of rain, the house suffered from flooding.

In 2019, the foundation gave her a house with all the conditions to improve her life quality, with separate rooms, bathroom, and kitchen.

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and change the life of children in Colombia