San Teresita – Loma Fresca School

We want to improve San Teresita (Loma Fresca) School!

What we observed in this school is not much different from what we’ve seen in other institutions where children receive their education in the Caucasia community.

The paint in this school is worn out, and we also found a humidity problem in some classrooms.

The bathrooms have not received maintenance, which is evident in the poor condition of their facilities. The sports court is also in a difficult situation, with a state that is not suitable for daily use by the students, affecting their comprehensive education and physical health.


How are we going to improve the school’s facilities?

  • We will repaint the classrooms and facades to enhance the educational environment.
  • We will fix the roof gutters to address the humidity issues in some classrooms.
  • Regular maintenance will be carried out on the institution’s bathrooms.
  • We will rehabilitate the sports court with new markings.

I want to donate
and change the life of children in Colombia