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At Answering Your Prayer, our mission is to promote and support education, nutrition, and entrepreneurship for low-income communities in Caucasia. We encourage young people and children to engage in legitimate activities for their livelihoods. That’s why one of our main focuses is the development of programs and the restructuring of spaces within the community that also serve this purpose.

According to experts, learning spaces enhance the quality of education while influencing, favoring, or hindering children’s development. For this reason, we are also concerned about the condition of educational institutions’ facilities in the region.

Furthermore, to achieve the goal that our foundation’s spaces serve as a place where children feel safe and can complement their education received in schools, it is essential that the facilities where they eat, learn, and play daily are in a state that enables them to acquire all the tools provided by our collaborators.

In pursuit of improving the quality of life for each of the children and citizens of the region, we currently have various ongoing projects in which we will carry out renovations in the areas of general painting, bathrooms, and sports courts’ facilities. The aim is to create a more conducive environment for learning and the sports development of the students in the Caucasia community.


We have been changing lives since 2017 with the dream of helping to create a better world for every family, and we want you to be part of this purpose.

We invite you to learn about our new projects here!

misericordia school

san teresita (loma fresca) school

san teresita (centro) school

our foundation’s spaces

We want to provide each of our children with a suitable place to complete their learning and development stage, where they can enjoy and live their childhood in the best possible way. To achieve all these goals, we need various construction, maintenance, and painting supplies.

our goal is $48.694,89

Contribute with us and change the life of a child in Caucasia, Colombia!

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